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T.E.A.M. Solution™ Benefits

The Tax-Efficient Asset Management Solution

Our process begins with a careful evaluation of your risk tolerance and desired rates of return on each of your portfolios. We then recommend model portfolios that will integrate with your existing asset holdings. We offer our model portfolios as part of a fully integrated asset management solution with the following benefits:

• Tax planning combined with portfolio planning – A review of Schedules B, D, and E of your Schedule 1040 will probably reveal that you sacrifice a large portion of your potential returns because of taxes on investment income. Your tax lawyer can coordinate with your investment professionals to minimize or eliminate these taxes.

• Integrated cash flows in portfolio and estate plans – The planners who design and integrate your business entities and partnerships typically have an intimate understanding of the sources and uses of cash for each of your entities. Using this information, your tax advisers can work along with your investment professionals to fund your various entities with appropriate investment instruments. You can have one plan that optimizes your portfolios and optimizes your estate plan, thereby giving you true wealth optimization. Such integration is available almost nowhere else.

• One-Stop Planning – Your T.E.A.M. Solution advisers have been trained to understand the integration of legal and financial instruments. Your adviser can summarize all of your legal, financial, and tax documents in one plan with projections of your lifetime income as well as likely transfers to heirs. Your adviser can show you how different rates of return assumptions affect the probability of legal instruments performing as intended.

• Rebalancing – Studies show that investors receive better risk-adjusted returns if they rebalance periodically. Our automated systems help insure optimal rebalancing.

• Timely distributions – Portfolio planning begins with an understanding of how much money you will need at different times under different circumstances. We take the time to clarify your cash flow needs, and then we establish accountability systems to insure payments to you at appropriate times.

• Dollar Cost Averaging – Our investment professionals can help you transition from your current portfolios to a T.E.A.M. Solution portfolio using Dollar Cost Averaging. In this way, you are more likely to acquire equity and debt instruments when prices are most favorable.

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